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Darkroom Ventilation - Air Replacement

Air Transfer A darkroom is a sealed environment; if air is removed for ventilation then it must be replaced.

The simplest method is to install lightproof grilles, strategically positioned to create the most effective air-flow across the room; nominally 12" square, these are available as a set of two for installation in a door or wall.
Louvre Black enamelled chevron louvre grilles, installed back-to-back, allow make-up air with light exclusion, and may also be supplied with an intumescent block or leaf blade fusible-link damper to maintain the integrity of fire doors.

Balanced Ventilation - with Heat Recovery

How it Works
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Rather than replacing the air extracted with a passive input from within the building, the INDUX system uses two fans to balance extraction with air replacement; fresh air from outside, filtered and taken through a heat exchanger.
Recovering 70% of the heat that would otherwise have been lost in the air removed - a warm room stays warm, a cool room remains cool, and the relative humidity is lowered far below the level needed to control condensation.
Light transmission through this ventilator is minimal but for darkroom ventilation - or to serve any process where fume extraction might better be localised - a ducted system can be employed to remove the fumes at source and direct the flow of fresh air to clear the whole space.

Filtaire 200 Air Treatment by Filtration and Recirculation

Without the need to vent air out or bring air in, noxious fumes are neutralised, airborne pollutants - dust, dust mites, pollen, etc. - are eradicted, and airborne bacteria removed.

Available in ceiling, wall mounting and portable models

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