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Ventaxia Darkroom Fans

Lightproof Extraction or Intake Ventilation

Ventaxia Darkroom Fan Can be fitted into a window panel but comes with all the components needed for fitting into a wall up to 14.5" thick.
Three speed and reversible for intake when wired to a T Series Controller.

Choosing the right size
To get 10 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) specify for the following room volume:

800 cubic feet. - Model TX6DR - - 6" unit
1100 cubic feet - Model TX7DR - - 7" unit
1900 cubic feet - Model TX9DR - - 9" unit
3600 cubic feet - Model TX12DR - 12" unit

These fans have an internal shutter which closes when the fan is switched off; there is a cheaper Model (TL--) without this shutter but this would be a mistake because it allows dust to blow in.
More recent best practice is for 15 ACH so if space allows always go for a bigger unit which can then be run at a slower (quieter) speed and boosted whenever needed
The following two drawings, which can be viewed and printed larger, show details for wall and window-panel fixings
Fan Sizes Fan Sizes
The air extracted must be replaced so there has to be a light proof grille positioned to allow make-up air to come into the room to create an appropriate air flow movement.

Air Replacement and Air Treatment

To provide ventilation to a room, where outside it might not be possible to have a Vent Cowl on view, on a listed building or in an architecturally sensitive location please go to Discreet Ventilation

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