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Temperature Controlled Film Process Sink Lines
Black & White, Colour Film, X-Ray, Holographic & Glass Plates

Temp Control Temperature Control

All our film process units (and X-Ray and Conservation systems) employ the PTT Temptronic Controller which heats, regulates and circulates the water bath surrounding and temperature controlling the chemical tanks.

With a 2000 watt heater and powerful circulation pump, this is a reliable water bath temperature controller, and easily lifted out for servicing.

Spiral Basket

Sheet Film Hangers & Spiral Baskets

Baskets for both Stainless Steel and Plastic Spirals (Paterson or Jobo 1500)
Racks & Hangers for sheet film - 4 x 5", 8 x 10" etc. and up to 12 x 15"
(see also X-Ray Series for film up to 14 x 17")

We also have available spirals for 3 and 5 metre - 35mm and 70mm film, and
5ft x 46mm (127) film

Gas Bubble Control Nitrogen Burst Agitation in Film Process

Bubble grids in sink-line deep tanks can ensure consistent agitation in processing sheet film on a hanger frames.
Our Gas Burst Controller, which is made in stainless steel with a deep-engraved front plate, has two separately switched socket outlets for gas-release Solenoid Valves and dials for setting burst interval and duration, with a setting for "continous".
It is designed to give a burst first at switch-on, not waiting for the interval to elapse.
We also have available a Nitrogen Humidifier

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